18 June 2016

Eat, Drink, Vegan (formerly Vegan Beer Fest?) 2016

I randomly won four VIP tickets to #EatDrinkVegan 2016.


It all started there.
Today I drove over, found free parking and walked right in. No one checked anything, they just slapped a VIP wristband on me and in I went.



I walked past the area where I was handed out my glass for free unlimited refills because I had an agenda, to eat and drink and see everything I wanted to before 1pm. That was when general admission got in.

Entering the main area I got to see how much there was there.


I am not a huge beer fan so first thing I did was go straight to the pretty sizable and diverse Kombucha tent. There I saw my friend from Kombucha Dog (the best) and drank so many and so much so quickly I threw up in my mouth. Yum!


After that I needed something to eat so cruising the long food booths I passed Blue Window and could not pass it up. I got to say hi to a friend working it and also devour some fab falafel onion rings.


Passing through the booths I passed the #FollowYourHeart booth. Besides coupons and samples and things they also were giving away 2 lbs. of their vegan egg! Crazy!


Looking for more to munch I wanted this delectable looking thing...


...but the wait was like this...


SO, I got Shojin instead because there was no wait and free cookies. I got it and some Honest Abe Hard Cider to wash it down.


It was good but not great. I had Shojin enough times that I know how good it should be. I forgot to consider how hot it is and how every part of being at a fest was going to diminish the quality from what a good one is.

Then I went around and drank from the soft drink booths and drank a ton of fizzy things. Had some beer, some Califia stuff...


...and various other drinks until I had my fill.

Then I began to leave, passing the VegNews booth and seeing my friends working it. I also bought some stickers...


 ...and as 1pm was approaching I left. As I was leaving I had four VIP passes so I gave them to random people on their way in. Free upgrades. Ending on a good deed!


Then, because it was crazy hot I went to see NOW YOU SEE ME 2 (which is a terrible title)


Then I got pizza, because I have been CRAVING pizza for a while.



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